Winners #8th edition

Below is the #8th Official Selection of the Paris Play Film Festival.

laurel PPFF-nomination

Best Feature

– Wasted Hours by Isaac Mahaffey, USA

– Death Mask by Morgan Price, USA WINNER

– Closet by Takehiro Shindo, JAPAN

Best Drama

– A Missing Piece by Grace Chang, USA

– Mighty by Lola Glaudini, USA

– Your Turn by Patrik Ruben Rosanics, HUNGARY

– Amazon Gift by G.P Dietricht, USA WINNER ex-aequo

– Oakdale, 1959 by Josh Garvin, USA

– Suicide Hotline by Adam Hirouleguy, USA

– Daddy Cool by Petra Hollstricht, SWEDEN

– Music to the Grave by Pepe Romeo, SPAIN WINNER ex-aequo

– The book I never wrote by Jenna Orth, USA

Best Comedy

– Barry by Emma Vickery, AUSTRALIA

– Vanity Disasters by Rose Ashikyan, US

– Le Repas by Raoul Delapierre, FRANCE WINNER

– Survival Instinct by Kezia Saunders, UK

– Carrying the Eggs by Esther Longhorn, UK

Best Action/SF/Fantastic

– Slice of Life by Dino Julius, Luka Hrgović

– Back Up by Jinnie Sandoval, USA

– SMI – Extra One by Arthur Yuong, USA

– Armed Response by Gunter Luotto, GERMANY WINNER

Best Thriller/Horror

– Wrong Man by Megan Penn, Anastasia Skyiev, UK WINNER

– The Rabbit Hole by Richard Bakewell, USA

– The Game by Riccardo Riande, ITALY

– Third floor, left. by Pedro Alvarez, SPAIN

Best Feature Script

– Scarlett by Tito Marcel, ITALY

– Vitals Endangered by Gregory Burlinoc, BELGIUM

– The day I last died by Dimitri Lavalier, ESTONIA WINNER

– And I Will Love You All of Forever, and Ever After by Jose Padilha, USA

– Consent by Frank J Avella, USA

– Dying young and rest less by Mia Sonora, MEXICO

– Reversed by Kristov Piaski, LATVIA

Best Short Script

– 15 minutes of nightmare by Felicity Goldman, AUSTRIA WINNER

– Split by Stefano Trucco, UK

– Crazy Bitchy Neighbor by Nathanael Driysd, USA

– Vials by Aniq Zoha, USA

– The Mouse by Magalie Dupres, FRANCE

– The Long Haul by Kate Felix, CANADA

– Prepare The Way by Tommy Britt, USA

– Willy Won’t by Jeffrey Morin, USA

– The confession by Diego Trovarelli, ITALY

– Renovation by Rachel Thomas-Medwid, USA

Best Documentary

– Finite Water by Zachary Thomson & Dianne Wennick, USA

– Argonauta by Oscar A. Rosas, MEXICO

– Doomed Generation by Martin Champagne, CANADA WINNER

– lvan’s Game by Tomislav Zaja, CROATIA

Best Student

– As Is by Brock Spady, USA

– Power outage by Baptiste Lematin, QUEBEC WINNER

– A Moment of Love by Julian Rachev, BULGARIA

– Your Turn by Patrik Ruben Rosanics, HUNGARY

 – Sounded different when… by Brice Allbright, NETHERLANDS

– A Goodnight Odyssey by Yang Yin, CHINA

– Cry Baby by Joseph Lombardo, USA

– Quarante Quatre by Paul Michol, FRANCE

Best Experimental

– The Noise Around by Marina Viain, FRANCE WINNER

– Binary Cube by Xin Wang, USA

– Play by Piotr Sulkowski, POLAND

– Girl of my dreams by Patrick Henry, USA

Best Commercial

– Never Stop by Henry Guidot, DENMARK

– DG meets GoD by Kike Delaisla, SPAIN WINNER

– Z Zegna by Giacomo Boeri, ITALY

– Life is a beautiful journey by Sven Greif, SLOVENIA


– Silent Ties by Sai Deodhar, INDIA

– Alina by Eemeli Kelokorpi, FINLAND

– Shadow Side by Svyatoslav Denisov, RUSSIA

– Worth be told by Adenaide Aoum, SWITZERLAND WINNER

Best Animation

– Stuffed by Brad Pattullo, USA

– Freezed by Dimitri Sarnaiv, BOSNIA WINNER

– Anacronte by Emiliano Sette, Raúl Koler, ARGENTINA

– Anna (Kidnapper) by Kaichi Sato, JAPAN

– One Last Monster by Gene Kim, USA

– Enter The Diamond Origins by Bob Bharatwal, USA

– The Krostons by Frederik Du Chau, Freek Quartier, BELGIUM

– Lost and Found by Shimon Engel, Ofer Winter, ISREAL

Best Dance

– Pogo by Andrés Aguirre, CHILE

– We are all in the same bus by Nuno Serrão, PORTUGAL

– Splendor by Ryo Noguchi, JAPAN

– The Vision by Doug Hammond, USA

– Round by Clarisse Morton, GREECE WINNER

Best Music Video

– Dilemma – Feenix by Jesse Haaja, FINLAND

– Girl on Fire by Frank Maftum, USA WINNER

– Adam & Steve by Weston Allen, Dorian Electra, USA

– These Words by Ermo Säks, ESTONIA

– Feeling Excatly by Krzysztof Grajper, POLAND

Best Trailer

– Sew, USA

– Picard is back, USA

– Damned, USA

– Feast of the Seven Fishes, UK

– Girl on the Fourth Floor, USA WINNER

Best Web Series

– Roads of Fury by Steve Alson, USA

– Everybody Dance by Colin Masterfield, USA WINNER

– Chicken Eggs by Debra Esteban, USA

– Rooftops by Elen Diet, GERMANY

– Plan B by Karin Lee, CANADA

Please note that only winning film and projects will screen in Paris.