Winners #13th edition – September 2020

Below is the #13th Official Selection of the Paris Play Film Festival.

This edition shows 37 selected titles from 18 different countries.

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Best Feature

– George, My Friend by Emily Lurembach, Denmark WINNER

Best Drama

– May Twenty Seventh of This Year by Mostafa Morad, Egypt WINNER

– My Demons by Amanda Carselind, Sweden FINALIST

– Confidant by Debra Markowitz, US SEMI-FINALIST

Best Thriller/Horror

– Where is the wolf? by Jonathan Norberg, Sweden WINNER

The Woods by Anton Weinstin, Finland FINALIST

Best Action/Adventure/SF/Fantastic

– Black SUV Pursuit by Dan Ellis, Portugal WINNER

Best Feature Script

– Templin Highway by William Prosser, US WINNER

– Happy Camp by John Kestner, US FINALIST

– Reality Check by Ruth Luoma, Canada SEMI-FINALIST

Best Short Script

– Death Bus by Rachael Trigg, US WINNER

– Schrödinger’s Cat: The Movie by John Souders, US FINALIST

– Strange Days in Washington Park by Jomo Merritt, US SEMI-FINALIST 

Best Documentary

– Built Lands by Arturo Dueñas Herrero, Spain WINNER

– Polymers – How it’s made by Nikas Kotich, Russian Federation FINALIST

– The Space Between Us: Creating dance during a pandemic lockdown by Bruno Roque, US SEMI-FINALIST

Best Student

– Bare Intimacy by Jennifer Karlsson, Australia WINNER

– Generosity of Strangers by Kathy Stout, US FINALIST

Best Experimental

– Strange Nostalgia by Alex Proyas, Australia WINNER

– Where my skin ends and yours begins by Anna Fumagalli, Italy FINALIST


– Crown of Thorns by Geoffroy C. Dedenis, France WINNER

– I Was Born For You, Before There Was A World by Lucas Marques, Brazil FINALIST

Best Animation

– 《farewell》by Qing Yang, China WINNER

– 2020 – Bits em Chamas by Marcelo Gafanha and Vini Albernaz, Brazil FINALIST

– Smoking Kills. by Jerca Oblak, Slovenia SEMI-FINALIST 

Best Music Video

– Hide & Stay by Alec Uittenbosch, Australia WINNER

Best Dance

– Vivian Roost – Gymnopédie No. 2: Vivian Roost Rework (Project XII) by Alexandre Gamot, France WINNER

– Home by Penny Saunders and Henry Wurtz, US FINALIST

– Lights Within by Gabriella Hanna, Australia SEMI-FINALIST

Best Trailer

– Bernie’s Diner by Ozan Fikri, Australia WINNER

Best Poster

They Came From Outer Space, Spain WINNER

 Farewell, China FINALIST

Kalawa (कलावा), India SEMI-FINALIST 

Best Score

The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner: The Musical by Santina Vendra, Canada WINNER

Best Web Series

– Check, Please! First Shift by Elea Clair, US WINNER

Best Still Photography 

– Temporary Reflection: A Self-Portrait Series by Fiorella Occhipinti, US WINNER

– You and me Forever by Frode Ueland, Norway FINALIST

Best Reel

– Esther Moore – DOP by Esther Moore, UK WINNER