Winners #11th edition – July 2020

Below is the #11th Official Selection of the Paris Play Film Festival.

This edition shows 43 selected titles from 17 different countries.

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laurel PPFF-nomination

Best Feature

– Anatheme by Jo Dellas, FRANCE WINNER


Best Drama

– Why We Are Unhappy in Cities by Zhao Gang, CHINA WINNER

– MOMme 🙂 by Ujjwal Kashyap, INDIA FINALIST

– Morti’s Law by Marcel Wohlfahrt and Natalie Kölbl, GERMANY SEMIFINALIST


Best Comedy

– Exit Package by John Gray, US WINNER

– Redleaf – Confusion by Artur Czerwiński, POLAND FINALIST

– If you love her, let her go by Ilan Zerrouki, FRANCE SEMIFINALIST


Best Action/Adventure/SF/Fantastic

– Allan Ellen by Juan Ros, SPAIN WINNER


Best Thriller/Horror

– Journey to the Morgue by Bryan Nolan, UK WINNER


Best Feature Script

– Ridge by Kitty Atomic, US WINNER

– Watching by Paul Cross, US FINALIST

– Happy Medium by Aaron Lieben, US FINALIST

– From December to April by Kurtis Russell, US SEMI-FINALIST

– The Last Chapter by Jan Miller Corran, US OFFICIAL SELECTION

Pendulum by Edie Casille, US OFFICIAL SELECTION


Best Short Script

– Cop Good, Cop Bad by Chloe Grants, US WINNER

– Door to Another Place by Ethan Tikkanen, SWEDEN FINALIST

– Devil’s in the Details by Nadejda Kolpacoff, US SEMI-FINALIST 


Best Documentary

– Ciao Anita by Jacques Lipkau Goyard and Marco Kuveiller, ITALY WINNER


Best Student

– How dare you, Lucille by Etorre Carillo, ITALY WINNER

– Laius by Diego Ramirez Chavez and Pablo de la Fuente, MEXICO FINALIST


Best Experimental

– I See Everything by Brad Overbeck, US WINNER


Best Commercial

– The Journey by Felipe Blankenheim, BRAZIL WINNER

– Final Moments by Dax Phelan, US FINALIST

– Beat the Curve by Bruce Macdonald and Shane Martin, SOUTH AFRICA SEMI-FINALIST



– Anasa & Genna by Thomas Delord and Maja Zimmerlin, BELGIUM WINNER – WATCH NOW HERE


Best Animation

– Rock Story by Lucy Lu, SINGAPORE WINNER

– Paper Pen Scissors by Sam Leman, US FINALIST

– Desert Racers by Aleksandar Vuksanovic, AUSTRALIA SEMI-FINALIST 


Best Dance

– Hic et Nunc “Here and now” by Emma Cianchi, ITALY WINNER

– All the Poems I didn’t Send by Arjan Gebraad, NETHERLANDS FINALIST – WATCH NOW HERE


Best Music Video

– Bleu Fuchsia by Marc Lesperut, SPAIN WINNER

– Piilevää Pimeää by Eevamaija Virtanen, FINLAND FINALIST – WATCH NOW HERE

– Fading Away by Goldwyn Thandrayen, US SEMI FINALIST – WATCH NOW HERE


Best Trailer

– Avocado Toast – the Series by Sam Coyle, CANADA WINNER – WATCH NOW HERE

– Parasito by JD Davis, US FINALIST


Best Web Series

– Avocado Toast – the Series by Sam Coyle, CANADA WINNER


Best Poster




Best Score / Song

– Dear Mom by Zong Chiang, US WINNER

– Als die Welle brach … / As the wave broke … by Alexandra Bekiou, GERMANY FINALIST

– Love Couple, by San-Sheng Chiang, TAIWAN SEMI FINALIST


Best Still Photography 

– Schatten by Miguel Zavala, SPAIN WINNER – GALLERY HERE.