Program September 2020

We are not a digital festival. Our screenings take place each edition in PARIS, FRANCE.

2019 took place at LE MAJESTIC BASTILLE.

2018 took place at the GRAND REX and CAFE DE PARIS.

2017 took place on the Champs-Elysées, at the movie theater LE BALZAC.

Until French regulations allow live screenings again, we run virtual events and build an independent film catalogue on XERB.TV.

Our next virtual event will take place October 9 & 10 with the September 2020 selection of supplied films.


Program is updated when we received confirmation and files of all participating films. Please come back later if information is not online below.

Friday Oct 9, from Midnight to 11:30pm

will be available on XERB.TV: TICKETS

– Drama & Thriller

May Twenty Seventh of This Year
My Demons
Where is the wolf?

– Documentaries Block

Polymers – How it’s made
THE SPACE BETWEEN US: Creating dance during a pandemic lockdown
Built lands

– Animation Block

2020 – Bits em Chamas
Smoking kills.


Saturday Oct 10, from Midnight to 11:30pm

will be available on XERB.TV: TICKETS

– Music Videos, Dance & Experimental Films Block

Strange Nostalgia
Where my skin ends and yours begins
Hide & Stay
Lights Within


Crown of Thorns
I Was Born For You, Before There Was A World

– Student, Web & Trailer Block

Bernie’s Diner Trailer
Bare Intimacy
Generosity of Strangers


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